What fireworks can be set off within city limits?
Sparklers/Morning Glory, Wheels, Smoke, Ground Spinners, Cones & Fountains, as well as Novelties are allowable fireworks. 

Any firework that you buy from a firework stand in the city of Ephrata is allowable. We work specifically with these stands to sell only fireworks that fit within our rules. These stands will be open for fireworks sales starting Tuesday, June 28th. 
What fireworks are illegal within city limits?
The city prohibits ALL aerial fireworks and all state prohibited fireworks. The risk for starting a wildfire is just too high and our families’ lives, homes, and properties are too valuable to chance a fast moving fire sweeping through town. Aerial fireworks will be confiscated and destroyed by the police and fire departments and you could end up with a $1251 fine.

This includes roman candles, single mortars, reloadable mortars, and helicopters/parachutes.
What fireworks are illegal statewide?
These are listed as Consumer Fireworks but are illegal to sell, possess, and/or discharge within
the State of Washington. They are legal to sell, possess, and/or discharge on tribal lands.

Generally 1/4” x 1 1/2” or less that come in packs to large bricks. A firecracker makes a
single “pop” sound. Many firecrackers strung together will make repetitive “popping” sounds.

Bottle Rockets
A firecracker type (tube) attached to a 12” long wooden stick. The stick is placed in a bottle and
once lit, it rises into the air, travelling laterally before exploding.
Bottle Rockets

Sky Rockets and Missiles
Similar to the Bottle Rocket, a Sky Rocket is attached to a stick or has fins and may have a
plastic cap. A missile will have fins rather than a stick. Once lit, it ascends rapidly, high into
the air where it explodes.
Illegal Explosive Devices
Illegal explosive devices are often wrongly referred to as fireworks because they look like large firecrackers, but they can have as much explosive power as a 1/4 stick of dynamite.

Mass-produced Homemade Devices
Example: M-80’s, M-100’s, etc.

Homemade Explosives
Example: Pipe Bomb & Tennis Ball Bomb
Pipe BombTennis Ball Bomb

Altering consumer fireworks making an explosive device
Example: Sparkler Bomb

Sparkler Bomb

Do not handle explosive devices!! CALL 9-1-1
We will have officers and possibly the bomb squad evaluate and pick up the device. Possession, manufacturing, or using illegal explosive devices is a criminal offense in Washington.
When can I set off my fireworks?
Fireworks are only allowing to be set off during the 4th of July holiday and New Year's Eve. 

June 28                       12:00pm-11:00pm
June 29-July 3           9:00am-11:00pm
July 4                          9:00am-12:30am (of the 5th)
December 31st          9:00pm-12:15am (of the 1st)
Fireworks Safety
These two links will open up graphics with safety tips and injury statistics.

Fireworks Safety Tips
Fireworks Injuries
Fireworks Safety for KIDS
Teach your little ones about firework safety through some great activity guides you can print off at home!

WSP Fireworks Activity Book
WA State Fire Marshal's Office Activity Guide
Why can the HS set off aerial fireworks?
The Ephrata High School goes through a special permitting process for their homecoming aerial firework displays under EMC 9.18. A new permit must be applied for and granted for each event. Contact City Hall at 509-754-4601 for further questions about this process.