Municipal Court

Ephrata Municipal Court handles all tickets and infractions issued under the Ephrata Municipal Code. If you were issued a ticket or infraction for a violation of the Ephrata Municipal Code, you will pay that fine to the Ephrata Municipal Court Clerk in City Hall. 

EMC tickets and infractions can be contested and mitigated. What's the difference?

CONTESTING a ticket or infraction means that you DID NOT COMMIT the violation all. 

MITIGATING a ticket or infraction means that you DID COMMIT the violation but that there was a mitigating circumstance (reasonable explanation) why you did and why the penalty should be reduced. 
Unfortunately, the Ephrata Municipal Code doesn't not permit the court to reduce penalties under mitigated tickets. If you mitigate a ticket, you are admitting to committing the infraction and will be required to pay the full penalty amount. The judge does not have the discretion to change the penalty amount. 

Common EMC Infractions are for:
Dogs Running at Large
No Business License

You must pay for these infractions in person, by phone, or by mail. 

Ephrata Municipal Court
121 Alder St SW
Ephrata, WA 98823
509-754-4601 ext 110

Misdemeanor Criminal Infractions
If you were issued an infraction for traffic offenses such a speeding or driving without insurance, you'll need to contact Grant County District Court.  If you do not want to mitigate or contest these type of infractions, it can be paid online through their payment portal. 

Misdemeanor Criminal Citations
For misdemeanor criminal offenses such as theft 3rd, trespassing, and assault; you'll need to contact Grant County District Court.