Dog Licenses

Everyone loves their pets and the City of Ephrata requires all dogs over six months of age residing within the city limits to be licensed. Licenses may be purchased at the Police Department and are good for the life of your pet. New residents have 30 days to license their dogs. 

The fees are as shown below:
Neutered and spayed dogs:  $27.00
Unaltered dogs:  $54.00
Police and *Service Animals: Free
Replacement license:  $5.50

Potentially Dangerous Registration:**

**Must be renewed annually  

*Service Animals are defined as a dog who is trained to perform a task. Examples including but not limited to: retrieving objects, detecting seizures or low glucose levels, guide dogs for the seeing impaired. Emotional Support Animals do not fall under this category under state law.  

Please contact the business office via email at or by phone at 509-754-2491 for any questions regarding this process. 

More Information

To receive more information on Dog Licenses, Impounded Dogs, or if you any other questions, please fill out the form below or call 509-754-2491 during business hours.