Snow Removal Policy

The snow that the city receives each winter affects us all equally, and a measure of patience and understanding will make the winter season easier on everyone. 

Following the end of a snowfall, the city's priorities for plowing are the following:

  1. Open up the hills and primary streets for emergency services and schools. 
  2. Remove the snow that WSDOT plows to the middle of Basin Street, as required in a n agreement with the State. 
  3. Plow neighborhood residential streets, depending on the depth of the snow. 
Winter weather requires that all drivers slow down, extra time given, and adjustments to current conditions. Winter weather cannot be tamed. Drivers must expect icy conditions and drive according. 

While plowing neighborhoods, the crews will plow down the center of the street. Both sides of the street will receive an equal amount of snow. The city understands that this can be frustrating, but it is the only way to fairly, effectively, and efficiently plow residential streets. 

It is illegal to push snow from any property onto a City street. This creates a hazard for emergency crews and the driving public; it slows down plowing efforts, and violator's will be subject to a $47.00 fine. 

If you have any questions regarding the snow removal policy, please call 509-754-4601.

Read the full Ephrata Municipal Code 10.30 Snow Removal.